Fan Photos

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Dianne with our very first customer in the store, Candase

Mimi O'Connell training abs in her Black and white stripes from Be Fit Apparel

Kharina, Jeannette, and Elisa posing after a photoshoot at Body Sculpting Fitness Studio

Sheila Benditz and Dianne rocking their sexy Be Fit Apparel dresses

Calvin Choy and Dianne posing for the camera at the Royal Palm Classic in Ft. Meyers

Liza Medina and her Zumba crew at the Be Fit Zumba party!

Canadian Physique competitor Helene looking swole in her Be Fit gear!

Sheila Mettler in her Be Fit sequined tank

Natalia Coehlo Taking a selfie in her neon Be Fit Apparel leggings

Zoa showing some sexy back in all Be Fit Apparel Lace up styles!

WBFF Pro Kharina Gavilanes Working those glutes in head to toe Be Fit Apparel

Dianne and Suki at the Be Fit Apparel holiday party

Zoa, IFBB Pro Bodybuilding, Flexing in the sunshine decked out in Be Fit Apparel

Sheila Mettler training chest in her awesome Be Fit Apparel

Dianne, and up and coming Canadian Physique Pro Helene Bingley Flexing in Be Fit

Dianne and Jeannae Burritt IFBB Physique Pro posing in the Be Fit Apparel Store

Lindy taking a sexy selfie in her Be Fit shorts

Holly Beck IFFB Figure pro posing in her sexy leggings from Be Fit Apparel

Kenzo flexing at Gold's Gym in her Be Fit Apparel

Cristina, Dianne and Mirina at the Be Fit one year anniversary party

NPC bikini competitor Ashley Anderson taking a selfie in her Be Fit gear!

IFBB Figure Pro Candice Keene and her man B.J. Cook with Dianne at the Orlando Europa

Elisa throwing up a double bicep in front of the Be Fit truck!

Elisa, Ishimine, Andie and Christine posing in their Be Fit gear at body sculpting fitness after a hard workout

Elisa, Bella and Dianne cheesin it up at the Mid Florida show

Elisa, Andie, Christine, Dianne, Natalia, and Ishimine flexing after their Be Fit photoshoot

Debraelizabeth Shaw training beautiful back in her gold sequined Be Fit tank

Andie Diaz Alveraz flexing in her Be Fit bra top!

Jessica Camaleago photographed by Arno Photography

Dana, Dianne and Adrienne and the Be Fit holiday party

Dawn Humpries working the pole at the Be Fit one year anniversary party

Angelica Wyman doing her WOD in Be FIt Apparel

Angelica jumping rope in her Be Fit gear!

 Dianne with IFBB pro Candice Keene and NPC figure girl Natalia Coehlo


Stacy Micklos showing off her Black and Yellow Steeler Colors in Be Fit Apparel!

Stacy Micklos National Level Competitor showing off her awesome biceps and her Be Fit Apparel:


 Stacy Micklos sporting Be Fit Apparel

Andrea Calhoun (Pro Figure, left) and Yarisha Ayala (Pro Bikini, right) at the Tim Gardner Extravaganza in Tampa

Dianne wearing side lace pink tiger capris and bra top (l) and with Giselle in wet look studded leggings and top (r).

Dianne with Holly Beck at the Valenti Gold Cup (l) and with Candace Keene at the Branch Warren Show in Houston (r).

Alysia Hamlet of Chicago posing in Be Fit Apparel tank top and casual pants.


 Dolly wearing a Be Fit Apparel tank (l) and Be Fit Apparel leggings (r).

Karen Gatto of NY (r) looking hot in her Be Fit     Dianne and friend looking super sexy in her low cut

jumpsuit with Lenda Murray (m) and friend (l)       Be Fit dress

Giselle in green phyton leggings and aqua flowy top (l) and at her first figure show and she won! (r)

Giselle in green phyton leggings and aqua mesh flowy to

Giselle and the Zumba gang all in Be Fit Apparel shirts

Dianne in a new Be Fit Apparel dress with Branch Warren in Houston and with Ann Titone in Chicago

Ann wearing a new Vocal dress and Dianne with Bleu Fish Tweety Top and Cratoon Pants

Adrienne "Tomb Raider" flexing in a                             

Be Fit Apparel tank top                                                        The Zumba girls wearing their Be Fit T's


Ryall Vasani, IFBB Pro training in Be Fit Apparel

Tim Gardner at the Marinelli Classic                   Dianne with NPC Judges Peter and Pierre at the Europa Orlando

 Dianne with and Esthela wearing a Jumper                                       Dianne with Katie at Marinelli Show



 Elisa, Jeannette, Dianne, Kharina, Dyana at Gold's wearing "Be Fit Apparel" Shirts         Dianne, Elisa, Jeannette and Kharina in Bia Brazil outfits

 Jeannette and Dianne having fun during photo shoot.                     Jeanette, Arno, the photographer, and Dianne

Dianne in a sexy Vocal dress and Bernadette in "jumper".                 Arno, Kharina, Jeannette, Elisa and Dianne

Dianne and Mimi at the Dexter Jackson Show                  


Dianne and Hope  at the "Arnold "                                                 Dianne, Elisa, Eddie and Leon at the Nationals in Miami

Dianne, Elisa and Doris at the Junior Nationals 2012 in Charleston, NC 

IFBB Physique Pro Jill Dearmin

 Gale, Elisa and Dianne with Dexter Jackson


 Candace Keene with Dianne